The Alchemy of Trauma

The Alchemy of Trauma offers an embodied approach to healing that gently weaves elements of the mind and body, nurturing resilience as we awaken our inner light.
— Sanaz Yaghmai, Psy.D, RYT


The first chapter of The Alchemy of Trauma is dedicated to my journey across the globe fostering connection, healing and empowerment with women survivors of trauma and humanitarian aid workers. This project has come to life through the culmination of a self-healing journey paired with an extensive career in psychology. Currently focused on trauma-informed care in vulnerable communities I offer resilience coaching with humanitarian aid workers, yoga healing circles for refugee communities and consulting services for NGO’s. I also offering private resilience coaching for women healing through sexual health issues.

The transmutation of darkness into light, helplessness into agency, and suffering into liberation.
— The Alchemy of Trauma


I am a minority, an immigrant and a woman of color living in the United States. I am also a social justice advocate, yoga teacher, trauma survivor and former therapist. This project is a manifestation of the intersection of these identities paired with my experience of navigating my healing journey. I’ve dedicated the last two years to personal growth and mind-body healing. The deeper I delve into yoga for healing and learn about its ethical foundations toward the self and other, the stronger the pull to take my practice into the world and hold spaces for resilience building through self-inquiry, asana and community strengthening.

I have personally flourished from the support of a strong women by my side and feel called to pay it forward by holding spaces for womxn , particularly survivors of trauma (direct and secondary). I have discovered something sacred and transformative when womxn gather, connect and practice vulnerability as they share stories of resilience. I am ready to embrace this nomadic adventure and look forward to sharing a candid account of my experiences through my social media platform.