Without community there is no liberation
— Audre Lorde

NGO Consulting


Resilience Coaching

Integrative resilience coaching designed around the individuals’ specific needs. My passion lies in embodied psychology, awakening individuals to the bi-directional relationship of the mind and body. With clinical expertise in the mind and human behavior, my approach is rooted in a combination of science-based and holistic practices.

I work with individuals who seek to find their way out from the stagnancy of ‘survival mode’ and transition towards a state of thriving. Strengthening your ‘resilience muscles’ and emotional intelligence, we will navigate old thought patterns and deepen the relationship with your highest Self. Together we will make room for new narratives rooted in self-compassion and strength.

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When we strengthen our emotional awareness we have greater capacity to hold our experiences and honor others'.

I offer consulting packages which include trainings and workshops centered around trauma. We explore the impact of compassion fatigue and secondary stress on both the brain and body. Incorporating dialogue around self-care and community care we will cultivate sustainable care of the collective

Strengthening our capacity for resilience & self-compassion ultimately strengthens our ability to hold safe and supportive spaces for others.

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