Element One: A Spiritual Foundation


In 2013, by the grace of my divorce, I was introduced to the world of yoga through Kundalini - the “yoga of awareness” — and it changed my life. I was wary, but curious, and in search of a new outlook, as depression and anxiety were slowly beginning to get the best of me. Halfway through my first class I was in tears. I walked out knowing I had just unlocked a door to a part of me that had been yearning for discovery.

Over the next two years, with the support of an expert therapist and a rigorous Kundalini yoga practice, I engaged in deep introspection. My mindset began to shift as I learned that the light I was searching for outside of myself and the love and happiness I was seeking from a life partner was within.

Therapy allowed me to embrace the stark reality of my divorce and to work on reconstructing my identity. I realized that much of my value system was based on social constructs of what my life should look like. Those “shoulds” were merely choices and deviating from them did not signify failure.

Kundalini yoga opened my heart and mind to our innate healing abilities and taught me how to practice a more mindful way of life. I began to listen to my body, change my eating habits, notice my thought patterns and pay attention to my sensations and responses to the external world.

Over time, I began to experience a sense of trust I had never felt before, within and in connection to Source, the Universe, the cosmic life forces around me. The darkness surrounding my divorce had transformed into light as my faith and joy was restored. I was inspired to live courageously and immerse into more challenging work as I began my career. I decided to expand my reach and be of greater service to marginalized populations that have been forgotten and I applied for a clinical psychologist position in the California prison system.