The Alchemy of Trauma

The Alchemy of Trauma offers an embodied approach to healing that gently weaves elements of the mind and body, nurturing resilience as we awaken our inner light.
— Sanaz Yaghmai, Psy.D

THE BEGINNING | Manifesting

The first chapter of The Alchemy of Trauma is dedicated to my journey across the globe fostering connection, healing and empowerment with women survivors of trauma and humanitarian aid workers in the field. I am partnering with a U.S. based trauma-informed yoga program and piloting their services in underserved communities around the world. Combining traditional yoga practices with the psychology and neurobiology of trauma we will deepen our awareness into the space bridging the mind and body. Through an exchange of dialogue around healing and wellness, we will deconstruct old stories that leave us feeling helpless and disconnected as we create space for mental shifts rooted in choice, self-compassion, and community.

In collaboration with the Yoga To Transform Trauma foundation, the program will come to life through the offering healing support groups for survivors and humanitarian aid workers (caregivers). I will invite participants to engage in self-inquiry while connecting their bodies through breathwork and movement, nurturing the relationship to mind and body while building connection through community. Together, we will engender feelings of safety and wholeness while making room for the authentic Self to be felt, heard and expressed. Furthermore, to promote sustainability of services, I will lead a staff training on trauma-informed care and resilience building.

The transmutation of darkness into light, helplessness into agency, and suffering into liberation.
— The Alchemy of Trauma


I am a minority, an immigrant and a woman of color. I am also a psychologist, social justice advocate, trauma-informed yoga teacher and a trauma survivor. This project is a manifestation of the intersection of these identities paired with my recent exposure to trauma in 2016 (see My Story). I have dedicated the last two years of my life to intensive personal growth and mind-body healing as I discovered my calling. The deeper I delve into yoga as a tool for healing and learn about its ethical foundations towards the self and others, the stronger the pull to take my practices off the mat while serving others.

I have personally flourished from the support of a tribe of women by my side and feel called to pay it forward by holding spaces for other women survivors of trauma. I have discovered something sacred and transformative when women come together in circle and share their wisdom and stories of resilience. I am ready to embrace this nomadic adventure and look forward to sharing a candid account of my experiences and knowledge gained through this website via my blog, interviews and onsite photography.