I believe individual healing ripples exponentially into the healing of our collective consciousness.

I am looking to work with service-oriented, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating at the community-based level who are interested in collaborating to hold space for the populations below. If you or your organization would like to connect and learn more please contact me.



Women survivors of trauma interested in deepening their healing practices. Trauma can be defined as; physical, sexual and emotional abuse; sudden/violent death of a loved one; serious injury; community-based violence; systemic oppression; forced displacement or political violence.



Women (18 and older) who wish to complete an 20 hr course dedicated to yoga training, empowerment and community strengthening.



NGO staff/volunteer aid workers interested in a 1-day training focused on trauma-informed care; understanding the impact of trauma on the brain and body. These groups are often at risk of developing vicarious trauma and burnout due to exposure to high levels of stress.